Everesting 20 June 2015 – Malanshoogte

Attie Conradie and I are attempting an EVERESTING at Malanshoogte on 20 June 2015.
We will be setting up at the BOTTOM of the hill near the FAIR CAPE gate from 2:30am.

If you dont know what ‘Everesting’ is:
As you can see it is not really ever resting… but quite a busy day of cycling 🙂

Essentially it is a crazy but simple idea. You pick a hill (any hill really) and you ride it as many times as it takes to get to the total ASCENT equivalent to the height of Mount Everest.

We have tested the hill before and the ‘units’ are nice and easy to work out. The hill takes about 15 minutes to do down-and-up, and you get 130m elevation for that, and it is exactly 2.5km. We will mark the turning points on the road, but essentially it is from the top down to just past the FAIR CAPE gate, and back). That is just over 500m per hour for 4 reps. That is 1000m every 2 hours. So you should get there within 18-20 hours given breaks etc. If you can do 70/71 ‘reps’ total, you are there for sure.

You are welcome to pop over. Bring your bike and do a few loops even if you are not going to do the full 71.

Through this effort, we hope to benefit Elundini Home for Disabled Children in DuNoon, Tableview. The SAVE foundation has been involved with the school for a while now, and we’re encouraging ‘supporters’ to donate some multiple of 8848  (Ie, R8.84 ,R 88,48 etc) through their channel – follow the following links:
SAVE website: http://www.savefoundation.org.za/everesting4elundini/ (And click on the DONATE TODAY button)

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1460196244292260/

Instagram:  https://instagram.com/savefoundation/

Of the direct link for you pledge can be done here:

Tweet us at hashtag #Everesting4Elundini  for support or to notify us of your pledge.

As for those riding – everyone is on their own really… and can do it at their own pace. No start time, no timing, no water points  – essentially a training ride where there happens to be a few other people on the same bit of road. We will be there from 2:30am, and pretty much be around for the whole day.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered to help us charge devices/torches, bring coffee&food around, or just join us for a few loops up and down the hill. We appreciate it!
The weather prediction looks perfect – for the shortest day of the year, but certainly one of the longest cycling days we ever expect to experience…


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.40.04 PM


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